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* c3: workshopscript /ImageAlsStandortvorteil
* workshopscript /ImageAlsStandortvorteil (sommer 2003)

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* /InfoRecherche zu den stichworten illegale migranten / sexarbeit / tourismus / ....
* entwurf projektidee zu /StadtUndTourismus (noch) kein Arbeitstitel (herbst 2003 t.b.c.)
** erste /InfoRecherche zu den stichworten illegale migration / dienstleistung / tourismus / ....

city.crime.control (c3)

A bremen based project group about city and urban development. one point of interest and critique is the development of the SpacePark. More informations about them + their activities and past projects at http://www.citycrimecontrol.net

texts of c3 on this wiki:

work in progress:

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