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Excerpts from the Email Conversation inbetween TanjaNellemann/ Arhus and Anke Haarmann / TetraPak, about her project
>Questionnaire to Citizens of Hamburg about HafenCity< for ReadyToCapture.

Hello Anke, Ulf and Tetrapak,

I have been into my baby bobble, but now I return whith some more ideas,- but not readymade or premade artworks! When I have my son with me I’m not sure how much time I can do talking/ interviewing people about the Hafen-city area, so that’s why I propose a >questionnaire<, to supplement it. Approximately like this:

Questionnaire to citizens of Hamburg - about “HafenCity” a city part of Hamburg.

Made by Tanja Nellemann, participant of the TetraPak project >r2c- ReadyToCapture! HafenCity, an urban space?< in the frame of the Artgenda:

Do you have a relation to the area HafenCity in Hamburg? Do you miss anything in Hamburg as it looks right now? Could you imagine a better city? If you could choose, which kind of buildings should/ would you build/ place there? How is and looks your wonder city? What is your vision of a city? - And what shall it offer whom? How to live together? (The multiethnic city will be our future and how do we handle it?) What kind of activity could you imagine in the area Hafen-city? (Do you see any problems with how this space is controlled and organised already?)

Where to ask the questions, where to place the questionnaire? First of all does this exist already,- that a kind of commercial questions is asked at the metros? In some platforms? The different city parts of Hamburg might have different answers to these questions?! Should my questions be translateted into german? Could you help me whith that? Mabye I would like to place the >questionnaire< near the metro, (but would anyone answer them,- when nobody “forces” them? ) Therefore I will still do the talk with people, but also place a box/ platform where one both could take the >questionnaire< and one could deliliver the answers in another one at many stations, and I could pick them up later on.

TIME-PLAN: I have asked to have an assistant with me. A girl, Berit Nørgaard, whom I went to the academy with here in Århus will come with me probably from the beginning of Artgenda until the 20, and I’m still not sure if I will stay until the 23 or go home whit Berit the 20. PROPOSALS/ IDEAS for what to do with the answers?: Make postcards which was my first impulse. Posters with manipulated photos underneath, “from my kind of city”, or “from my imagined city”. WHAT I WILL NEED: Access to a computer, whit a scanner, a printer, a lot of paper to print on and some minidisc for the interwieving, some kind of plastic boxes to place this >questionnaire< in.

I think thats all for now. All the best from tanja

Favourite place/space and they will tell me their relation to this place. Why they think this place/space is their favourite one. And make it visible somehow for others.

 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Hello dear Tanja,

(Welcome from the baby bobble as well) Thank you for your mail. things are getting more concrete and I start to get an idea about the real artgenda time. Again I do like your approach to do interviews here in hamburg and as far as I know, nothing like this is be done before - but even - if you do your interviews as a danish artist being interested in hamburg opinions peolpe will react different anyhow (I have placed the german translation of your questions at the end). Concerning the practical issues let me just start with the most practical ones:

TECHNICAL SUPORT - We will have a computer terminal in our space (almost for sure) we will try to place a scanner as well, we will have a printer, but we don't have a minidisc so easy, so if you happen to have one bring it with you (how did you do your interviews in aarhus?).


- PROBLEM 1: Anything that is to be erected in public or private space (the metro is semi public, semi private) will need some kind of permission, especially if 'bothering' the people, which are concidered to be 'paying' clients of the metro. - PROBLEM 2: Vandalism! I am pretty sure that anything just left without control somewhere in the streets, won't stay there, not in the inner city circle, having young scaters cruzing around, tourists looking for adventure etc.- PROBLEM 3: I acctually belive that nobody will fell happy to answer anything if not a real and trustfull person will explain what it is all about.

- SUGGESTION 1: Place the platform and questionnaire box in our space, where the public will also come !!! and somebody, if not you yourself can do the explaination. - SUGGESTION 2: Let´s make interview tours and lets make them together (so you have a translater)!!! timeproblem at least with me - see below!!! Let´s go to different parts of the city, where differnt people live and bring the material back to the space, which will serve as a documentation plattform for your work.... - SUGGESTION 3: What to do with the answers: to print them on sheets of paper is a good idea, possible in the scale of postcards. you can do both then: distribute them back to public and collect them and build up a kind of archive, which can be displayed in our space - on the wall - if you wish...???

- TIME AND SCHEDULE: If you will come on the 7th and leave on the 20th and if you will be busy with instant art from 13th-19th ... we will have a little problem of co-opperation. I have another opening myself in another city and won't be in hamburg before monday the 10th (maybe on sunday if things go quick). so you might need somebody else of tetrapak to go with you - but anyhow. I will ask around.


(Maybe you will need a first question like: Do you know the HafenCity?)(Kennen Sie die HafenCity?) Haben Sie eine besondere Beziehung zur HafenCity? Fehlt Ihnen etwas in Hamburg - so wie es jetzt aussieht? Wie würden Sie sich eine bessere Stadt vorstellen? Wenn Sie es aussuchen könnten: Welche Gebäude würden Sie hier bauen? Wie sieht ihre Traumstadt aus? (More dreamcity, but wondercity does not make sense in german.) Was ist Ihre Vision von Stadt - Was soll sie welchen Bewohnern bieten? Wie sollte man zusammenleben? (Die multi-ethische Stadt wird mit Sicherheit kommen - aber wie geht man damit um?) Welche Aktivitäten können sie sich in der HafenCity vorstellen - Was soll dort stattfinden? (Sehen Sie irgend welche Probleme in der Art und Weise, wie die HafenCity zur Zeit kontrolliert, verkauft und organisiert wird?) (I have put: controlled, sold (!) and organized) (I think the last question is a bit prejudicing -I don't know...) Maybe you can put it as a question like: Do you know who is controlling and organizing the space, that will be the HafenCity? Wissen Sie wer zur Zeit das Gebiet kontrolliert und organisiert, dass zur HafenCity umgebaut werden soll?

All the best Anke

 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Hello Anke,

Thanks for your mail and thanks a lot for the translation and criticism, I can see now that the last question was badly formulated and prejudicing.I think it could be very good and funny and inspiring to do this together whith you!!! So If you have time ... I will find out the exact days whit instant art I think there will be one or to days off inbetween the 13-19. And yes the time is short as always but I think I will get too exhausted if I stay longer whith that little nightwalker,- hopefully he will stay calm, and sleep good.

Yes I can see the problems whit the questionnaire. The solution will be that I place it in your place, but the audience, the people and how they will answer are into art somehow and I think it would be other answers mabye, but anyway lets try and see? anyhow it´s another thing whit this >b<questionnaire</b> than the "live interviewing." I will bring my minidisc whit a microfone for the "live interviewing" but I think I have to start the 8th, or the 9th and continuenig the 10th and 11th. I will do the interwieving with people, but mabye WE, Berit, Bertram (my son) and me could start alone whith the help from a dictionare and your translation.

Could you tell me a little of the different cityparts of Hamburg? Just a short description.

We will come the 6 of June I dont know when yet? But we could arrange to meet at your place in the evening?!! And we will go home the 20 in the evening. I will mabye have a few other (max 3) questions for the questionnaire.Do you have the time? I will have them ready for you in this coming week! Thats all for now - thanks again for your help, I will get back to you soon.

All the best Tanja

 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Hi dear Tanja!

The translation is no problem! I do see the point with the prepared art-public when you place the interview-platform in the space they will enter and expect already some 'artistic' aproach towards the HafenCity.

But you can comment this presupposed vision with the 'outdoor' interviews. I also like to do it together with you. And 8th to 13th is fine with me so far.

CONCERNING THE CITYPARTS: Well it´s like in any other town (a bit of everything): Rich villa-areas along the elberiver and around the alster-lake. St.Pauli/ Altona is a kind of mixture between older working people, many immigrants, a lot of alternatives and young start up and new media companies. You have the fancy kind of lawyer/doctor aeras with finer boutiques and italian restaurants, and you have the poorer areas with the unemployment rate high... I think we should just make an overview when you are here and I or the others can tell you what we know.

All the best Anke/ tetrapak

 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Dear Anke

Yes, lets do this interviewing together! It will be great. Yes I have in mind how to present a work in progress when the audience already expects to see something... But I will have a framing title and a short explaining text and the questions in your place.

I have forgoten to tell you about one of my works in Instant art. My carartsalon exhibition will be baced on a aktion "remapping hamburg", in which I will map peoples favourite places/spaces in Hamburg with some volentiers (and mark them with small signs saying "my favourite space"). I will take them for free to their favourite place in Hamburg and in return I will collect their relation to this space. Maybe someone will mark an area in the area that is going to be HafenCity… It could be funny!

I/we will have the evening at the 18th, the 19th and the 20th to make the post cards or what we develop out of the answers! Berit and I will take the train home to DK at 16.40 the 20th.

Looking forward to come and meet you all and work together and talk

All the best from Tanja

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