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Serie of 16 postcards: "Blinde Passagiere" with a complementary text in german by M. Stroux, G. Gallas and A. Jackson.

Blind Passengers: The Liberianer Andrews Jackson, who risked his life,
to come as a stowaway to Europe. He was in a deporatation prison for
over nine month and was finally deported the 24.07.1997 to Ghana.

Orders: MarilyStroux - Fax 0049-40-41356670 - mailto:stroux7578@aol.com
Account for donations: Reimer Dohrn - Note: stowaways - Konto: 237950 - Postbank Stuttgart 60010070

Further links for progressive migration policies:
# [Kein Mensch ist illegal/ no one is illegal] | # [Über die Grenze/ cross the border] | # [Land in Sicht - Ordnungswidrige Aktionstage 2002]

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