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basic rules

Hello World general

each wikipage is fully editable by every user. all content can be changed and extended and (of course) erased.

just try this TetraPak Wiki yourself by editing a TestPage? or try another TestPaGe?

see other wikis like the UseModWiki for the idea behind wiki's and see WikiTips for more smart hints


this wiki is a UseModWiki



wiki is a smart HyperText system: each word that contains two or more capital letters will be converted to a link if you save your changes.

note: only capital letters will not WORK, you have to write...


...than it will get a link: WORK?

if a link was used and defined before, this link will direct you to the corresponding page.

if a link is new, it will look like this: TestLink? if you click on the question-mark behind the word, you can fill the page with content.

or another (better) description at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?AddingNewPages

"Any time there are two or more capitalized words jammed together, Wiki will create a link. If the title corresponds to an existing page, a link will be formed to that page (like this: SampleWikiPageTitle?).

If there is no wiki page with that title, a question mark link is shown appended to the name. Clicking on the question mark will allow you to create the page and fill in the contents of that page as well.

The title of a new page is the starting point for creating an attractive site. Be mindful when ChoosingWikiNames?; the name should be both easy to remember and helpful, as it will become the link to your page. "

links outside a wiki and pictures


for most cases you can just put your words into the textfield.

an empty line becomes a paragraph.

<b>bold</b> makes 

<i>italic</i> makes 

---- (4 dashes) makes a horizontal line:

more text formatting stuff: see UseModWiki | Back to [Tetrapak Wiki]

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