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Discussion and bookpresentation in [Club 88]
Location: Club 88, Verein für Kunst und Kultur e.V. Pulverteich 13 . Hamburg/ St.Georg Date: 8th of February 2003. Time: 21:00

tetrapak ready2capture! HafenCity - an urban space?

ready2capture! by the Hamburg group tetrapak and 12 baltic artists is the attempt to question the official image production of the HafenCity in Hamburg. During the artgenda-biennale 2002 ready2capture! explored the conditions and parameters of the HafenCity through artistic projects, guided bustours, lectures and film-screenings.

Although HafenCity, the „biggest urban development project in Europe“ almost stagnates, it is nevertheless serving as a matrix for the projection of urban and economic visions of an expanding city. HafenCity represents the concept >Metropolis Hamburg - Growing City<, lately proclaimed by the conservative town-government. It incorporates the vision of Hamburg as a prospering, economic centre of Northern Europe. The HafenCity`s media discussion focuses big events like Olympia 2012 and new architectual symbols for the city, for example a concert hall combined with a seawater aquarium. On the other hand, the concentration of public art projects in the HafenCity area – such as the artgenda and therefore tetrapak´s ready2capture! platform - follows the representative logic of the HafenCity itself: The focus turns from an inhabited, real city space to the virtual urbanism of an industrial leftover.

At Club 88, tetrapak reopens its platform half a year after the artgenda. At the same time it is the presentation of the forthcoming publication ready2capture! HafenCity - an urban space?.

ready2capture-Poster/ Dalmannkai and ready2capture artist-Mikhail Zolotoukhine Box of Flats
raw stuff: [high-res-pics] and [pressinfo pdf]

Participants of ready2capture! HafenCity - an urban space? Artists: Igor Baskin (St.Petersburg), Markus Degerman (Stockholm), Dreli Kuda Popalo (St. Petersburg), Madsen Möller (Arhus), Tanja Nellemann (Arhus), Sixten Therkildsen (Arhus), Lisa Torell (Stockholm), Anton Tscherbakov (Kaliningrad), Mikhail Zolotoukhine (Kaliningrad). tetrapaks: Armin Chodzinski, Anke Haarmann, Jelka Plate, Johannes Rieck, Ulf Treger, Malte Willms. Programme: Felix Axster, Klaus Baumgardt (Rettet die Elbe), city.crime.control (Bremen), Reimer Dohrn (Blinde Passagiere), Judith Mauch, HafenRebeldes (Hamburg), Joachim Häfele, Margret Markert, Ute Schneider, Kathrin Wildner, Ando Yoo. Additionally in the publication: Jan Holtmann, Mehrzweckhalle, Rieve_Urbschat_Wehrmann.

Publication: ready2capture! HafenCity - ein urbaner Raum? tetrapak (Hg.) [b_books Berlin] 2003 - ISBN 3 933557 37 2 (alternate, search)
c/o tetrapak - Projetcs: http://tetrapak.dekoder.de - HafenCity - an urban space?: http://ready2capture.dekoder.de

For further information: Malte Willms ++49-40/38038906 - Anke Haarmann ++49-40/4393456 or mailto:tetrapak@dekoder.de

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