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Cruise Terminal

Up to now the only thing you can find is a temporary cruise hall, which is nothing but a tent. Nevertheless it is provisional, it is quite active. A lot of cruisers are already leaving from the site, where a new, modern cruise terminal - nearby the old Cellpapphall at Mageburger Hafen/ Elbe - shall be erected. Although the plans appear to be promising (bars, hotel, a "stock market for everybody" etc.) nothing happened untill now. It seems like, the investors are getting nervous about the time delay of the whole HafenCity development. The concept for the cruise terminal is by the office for architecture and urban development RKW, which is involved in the SpacePark, Bremen as well. Recently the plans for the Cruise Terminal have vanished from their internetpage.

# Office for architecture for the Cruise Terminal [RKW] | # See pics to get an idea about the scenery HafenCityKreuzfahrtterminalPics

Visitors and artists of ready2capture watching a cruiser

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