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The HafenCity as an urban model puts an emphasis on the new media industry (the so called "New Economy"), itīs clients and employees. In this sense the basic urban model for the HafenCity was the MedienStadt. An important, and still unrealized part of this concept is the "autonomous MediaCity", the MediaCityPort, a project developed especially for the new media, which should replace the KaispeicherA. Since the NewEconomyCrisis and the crash of itīs stockmarket (the "famous" Neuer Markt) the whole project HafenCity has to be redefined. Even the FirstBuilding of the HafenCity has not been built by the german software corporation SAP itself.

# End of immaterial production NewEconomyCrisis | # Say goodbye: Internetportal of [Neuer Markt] | # Software cooperation SAP
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Construction site of the SAP-office buliding

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