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Description of the project: DreliKudaPopalo were videotaping their spoken words-poetry in "public places" - the artistic method they usually work with - of the area of the prospective HafenCity. Indeed there are no real public places because the whole area is under control of the GHS (Gesellschaft für Hafen und Standortentwicklung), a municipal but nevertheless private company which is developing the HafenCity by order of the City of Hamburg. They were chosing actual and relevant places for their spoken words-poetry - construction sites or sites where the recently erected buildings already give an impression of the character and the atmosphere of this exclusive new district. Sometimes one still gets an idea of the former industrial freetrade-harbour.

During our first Baltic Presents!-Presentation they were showing the video combined with similar material they did in the City of St.Petersburg. By that they were confronting different cultural, ideological and historical urban landscapes. Citing their poetry in a sometimes radical tone and in a mostly personal way they are able to act immeadiatly within urban, architectural and social settings and to provoke this apparently stable hegemony. It made also clear that in the HafenCity there was rather no public, urban and social life they could address to, wheareas in the City or in the suburbs of St.Petersburg there was a social reality to refer to. The poetry is spoken in russian and was translated into english during the presentation.

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