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ParticipantsProjects contains information about the projects of the participating artists for ReadyToCapture.
Please note: We have been adding the articles about the projects from our book ["ready2capture! HafenCity, ein urbaner Raum?"] as pdf.documents. Information about all the projects in English is yet not available.

See also:

# QuestionsAndAnswers and QuestionsAndAnswers2: The first communications during the Matching-Process.
# ParticipantsCompilation: Informations about the participating artists and the disucssions and ideas for the ReadyToCapture-project.
# ParticipantsFeedback: The feedback we received of our participants after the artgenda.

The Participants Projects

# Igor Baskin, RU/ St.Petersburg - [Map HafenCity] / Karte HafenCity
Article [“Hafenstädte als verschlossene und offene Orte”] (385 KB)

# Markus Degerman, S/ Stockholm - [Possible sites (Fotoseries)] / Mögliche Orte (Fotoserie)
Article ["Nichts bleibt, aber etwas fehlt"] (1,9 MB)

# Dreli Kuda Popalo, RU/ St.Petersburg - [Urbanism. Spoken words-poetry in the HafenCity] / Urbanismus. Poesie in der HafenCity
Article ["Urbanismus"] (1,3 MB)

# Madsen&Möller, DK/ Kopenhagen - [Open office for investigating non-functional sites] / Offenes Büro zur Untersuchung nicht-funktionaler Orte
Article ["Büro zur Untersuchung nicht funktionaler Orte"] (100 KB)

# Tanja Nellemann, DK/ Kopenhagen - [HafenCity-Stories] / HafenCity-Geschichten
Article ["Wie stellen sie sich die HafenCity vor"] (1,7 MB)

# Sixten Therkildsen, DK/ Kopenhagen - [HafenCity-Stories] / HafenCity-Geschichten
Article ["Spucken Stürzen Filmen"] (2 MB)

# Lisa Torell, S/ Stockholm - [Needs] / Bedürfnisse
Article ["Bedürfnisse"] (2,7 MB)

# Anton Tscherbakov, RU/ Kalinigrad - [(No) Contemporary art - Culture in the HafenCity] / (No) Contemporary art - Kultur in der HafenCity
Article ["(No) Contemporary Art"] (1,3 MB)

# Mikhail Zolotoukhine, RU/ Kalinigrad - [Box of Flats] / Kiste voller Wohnungen
Article ["Box of Flats"] (2,2 MB)

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