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The ParticipantsCompilation contains informations about the participating artists and the disucssions and ideas about
the HafenCity and for the ReadyToCapture-project as well as links to their pages at http://www.artgenda.com or their
own webpages.

Meeting of TetraPak and participating artists in the KesselHaus

See also:

# QuestionsAndAnswers and QuestionsAndAnswers2: The first communications during the Matching-Process.
# ParticipantsProjects: Overview of the projects the participants were working on during the ReadyToCapture-project.
# ParticipantsFeedback: The feedback we receive of our participants after the artgenda.

The Participants

#IgorBaskin, St. Petersburg // [IgorBaskin Homepage] // [IgorBaskin Actions/ Performance]

# MarkusDegerman, Stockholm // [artgenda.com-page]

# DreliKudaPopalo, St. Petersburg // [DKP Homepage] // [artgenda.com-page]

# MadsenM÷ller?, Arhus // [artgenda.com-page Lone Haugaard-Madsen] and [artgenda.com-page Lasse Krog M°ller]

# TanjaNellemann, Arhus // [artgenda.com-page]

# ElinStrand, Stockholm // [artgenda.com-page]

# TetraPak, Hamburg // [artgenda.com-page]

# SixtenTherkildsen, Arhus // [artgenda.com-page]

# LisaTorell, Stockholm // [artgenda.com-page]

# AntonTscherbakov, Kaliningrad // [artgenda.com-page]

# MikhailZolotoukhine, RU/ Kalinigrad - // [artgenda.com-page]

Another artgenda-project that was dealing with the HafenCity is [Mehrzweckhalle] (Multipurposehall).


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