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first input

Excerpts from the Email-Conversation between Lisa Torell, Stockholm and Anke Haarmann (TetraPak) about her project within the framework of >ReadyToCapture! HafenCity, an urban space?<, as she describes it sort of an “advertising broschure(>pamphlet<) which will contain texts about the norms for living and beeing”.

Dear Anke,

I am afraid that I can't come to Hamburg before the opening of artgenda because our Coco unfortunately made promises about the econonmy that she couldn't keep. Naturally I'm not so happy with this situation since I had planned to do some research. But hopefully I can manage that in a good way anyway.

Best regards, Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

It is sad you won't be able to come... so how do we develop our collaboration? will you be able to send some text? or put it into the wiki? I heard you will be doing some cooperation with *journal* as well – as I recommended to markus - that is - I think - very promising. Maybe it turnes out to be a good idea to develop some kind of triangle cooperation?

By the way a tetrapak member recently sent us this link which is supose to be an interesting article in the newspaper "Die welt" about the development of the HafenCity areal: [article in german]

All the best and give us some material to work with...


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Hi Anke,

For you I am working with a kind of an advertising broschure which will contain texts about the norms for living and beeing. And for journal my work is about co-operation. All my works will somehow have a line.


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Dear Lisa,

That sounds very interesting!!Are you o.k. in finding material for the broschure? Will you do several copies (maybe to buy for the visitors?) or will you have one example to look at? Will the issue be ready when you come to Hamburg or will you do some additional production here? Do you need any kind of technical equipment?

We would like to have some artists doing some work together with us at place during the artgenda. Maybe the broschure can also serve as a starting point to create some kind of communication (or even textproduction?) with the people in hamburg? I don't know if this idea sounds interesting for you?

Questions over questions - I know, but I can also tell you something: We finally succeeded and will have the space in the HafenCity we lately wanted to have. The space offers a kind of industrial / office / bureau atmosphere, having several (smaller) rooms, many corners and various look in / look outs.

Check : [RaumSuche] (not very telling though). best Anke

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Hello Anke

I am sorry for letting you wait. I will do att least 50 pamphlets before and if it's necassary more in Hamburg. I don't mind or it could be really interesting to have my broschure as a base for new diskussions. I might do a little poster too, just for your space though...


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Hello Lisa,

Fine. I do like the idea with the poster, too. Do you want to make a little talk on your topic?

Maybe in relation to another person doing a talk in our space. He will be talking on ideas of living in the context of the HafenCity. His name is: Ando Yoo he is participating in artgenda in the context of the ponton-project. What do you think?

All the best Anke

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