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Excerpts from the Email conversation inbetween SixtenTherkildsen/ Arhus and Anke Haarmann/ TetraPak about ParallelStories, a piece SixtenTherkildsen and TanjaNellemann were participating with in an proposal-competition for the restructuring of the harbour-area of Arhus. They think about to show it as a part of ReadyToCapture. Sixten also wants to work with video and to ask people in Hamburg what would be their relation towards their new "neighbour", the HafenCity.

Hi dear Sixten,

Concerning your visit: When will you be here next week? Do we see? Let us know! Concerning your work for ReadyToCapture: Did you think of bringing and showing the ParallelStories to hamburg as well?

Now after I saw (some of) them I acctually would like to show them here as well - I think it might fit. And it is an inspiring idea for visitors to reflect upon the possibilities of the HafenCity as well. I don't know, what TanjaNellemann thinks about it...?

Having this work in the space (in the backround) you could start doing the video-work pretty relaxed. I have no problems if you do, what you do, when you are here and react directly upon the situation, if you wish. I think running around and do some filming is good what do you intend to do with the material? Do some cutting here? (question of equipment) Show it uncut?>(do you need a VCR and monitor? How do you transfer the material from the camera to the vhs? Or do you work with an old-school vhs-camera?

Let us know! Best. Anke / TetraPak

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Hello Anke,

I think you are right , that it could be a good idea to show the whole project ParallelStories we did about the harbour in Aarhus. Perhaps we can make some large prints of our project and use it as a collage directly on the wall? Well I can ask Tanja about it, and of couse it also depends on what you think.

My idea for what else I want to work with for >ReadyToCapture< is still not very finished yet. I just have some issues and some images that might be interesting as a starting point. I think of working with the people outside the Hafencity area and their relation to the future neighbour, the HafenCity. I think of doing this as a video somehow, if it is not too late for you finding a computer I can use for editing.

Well I know I am quite late with this, so if it is not possible, I guess I will manage with what I can find like a VHS player and my dv-camera. And if you can find a VHS-player and a monitor, that I can use when there is some video to show, it would be great. Do you know if some of the others are going to work with video?

Greetings from Sixten.

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Hi Sixten,

Jip, talk to Tanja. I think it is a good idea to bring some large prints of your project ParallelStories and use it as a collage directly on the wall (text in english?).

We try to do something for your editing place in the exhibition space. ElinStrand was going to do editing and video as well - but it seems that she will need a big hall for her installation, which we might not be able to provide for her... IgorBaskin from russia also wants to bring some videomaterial about St. Petersburg - as I understood.

We try to get as many monitors and vcr as we/you need. By the way we also have a beamer and screen...?

Good day. Anke

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