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DiverCity is a projekt of ifau (i.e.: Institut für angewandte Urbanistik)

"Applying the open source model to the city means first and foremost to abandon the planning sovereignty of the
city in relation to the establishment of fixed time/space rules (the source code must be disclosed) and furthermore
the opening of the process to allow for interventions of each participant in the urban process. The urban space will
no longer be defined in advance on the basis of rules but be treated like a product which will be more and more
enhanced by way of participation of different (competent) interest groups. The abandoning of planning sovereignty
relates first and foremost to the system of predefined fixed result planning in which urban spaces are (imprecisely)
prognosticated. The establishment of process-orientated,constantly updated town planning does not have the
purpose of deregulating planning in its entirety. It is rather consists in a shifting of responsibilities in which tasks
must be perceived and coped with in a different way. Operative pragmatism instead of idealist conformism. Planning
based on the open source principle may be divided into four main areas: Information, regulation, plot and code."

DiverCity homepage http://www.divercity.berlin.heimat.de/

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