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some WikiTips to use this TetraPak wiki

(see also: WikiTricks)

see BasicRules for making links

get use of it

just put in some text, links and other things, to a get a feeling for this way of webpublishing. just use a TestPage? for example


use the search-form at the end of each page to find what you are looking for


use wikilinks for generating a real HyperTextsystem?


short wiki-style comments to an existing text: -- here is a comment - UserName


click on the pagetitle to get a list of all wikipages where this word appears


click on "Recent Changes" to see latest changes and click on "Zeige andere Versionen" to see all versions of this page


edit the preferences to let the wiki and others know who you are and what you have written

smart HyperText

if you would like to vary links or combine or add the plural form: just type in

for example:
to get HyperTexts?

choosing a wiki link

best you contract two words together. i had a problem with "rem koolhaas" recently and i chose to write "KoolHaas?" to get a link first. that's bad, because each person has to understand which part of a word or name should be written in capital letters. better we decide to do it this way: RemKoolhaas

using html-tags


irgendein satz

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