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Definition of MixedReality (as found in the article "Der Körper als Schnittstelle" Wolfgang Neuhaus at http://www.heise.de/tp/deutsch/inhalt/konf/9668/1.html)

"MixedReality describes the relation of cultural forms of acting in the real space and of processes in virtual surroundings under the conditions of internet, of mobile communication and the beginning of ubiquitous computing (ubiquitous means omnipresent)"

Therefore MixedReality combines concepts like VirtualReality? and AugmentedReality?.

An example?: "CityTomography"

A 1994 manuscript by Paul Milgram Fumio Kishino: "A TAXONOMY OF MIXED REALITY VISUAL DISPLAYS" http://vered.rose.utoronto.ca/people/paul_dir/IEICE94/ieice.html

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