ready 2 capture!

klar zum entern! hafencity ein urbaner raum?
ready 2 capture! hafencity - an urban space?

a tetrapak project at the 4th artgenda in hamburg from 8th - 23rd june 2002, kaispeicher A

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Updates (Jan 2003)

The 4th artgenda is over, but tetrapak is still working on the project ReadyToCapture. Currently tetrapak produces a Publication as an extended documentation of the project. It will be released in february, 03. Our wiki-based archive on facts and fictions of the HafenCity is still being updated and extended. It migth be worth to take a look on the wiki's RecentChanges.



HafenCity is a project of the City of Hamburg with the aim of creating a new town district on a large deserted portion of the harbour.

tetrapak offered a platform for baltic artists to contribute with comments on topics such as urbanism, public imagination or model making against the backdrop of the HafenCity. In this process, the artists made use of experiences they had accumulated with similar projects in their native cities.



Programme: Excursions, collective reflection on the HafenCity model, topical movie soirees (bar provided), public lectures with guestspeakers, bustours throughout the area of the HafenCity, archive, public presentation of the invited artists.

Artists who participated
Igor Baskin, Sixten Therkildsen, Lasse Krog-Möller, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Tanja Nellemann-Poulsen, Anton Tscherbakov, Lisa Torell, Markus Degermann, Mikhail Zolotoukhine, Dreli Kuda Popalo

Model, provisional


Model, virtual

Basic Info

Host: tetrapak | Location: Kaispeicher A, Hamburg

Opening: 8. June 02, 18.00h till 23. June 02
Opening schedules: Daily (except mondays) 16-20h
Tuesdays 20-23h: Networking Hamburg
Wednesday 20-23h: Film & Bar
Tuesdays 20-23h: Baltic Presents!
Saturdays 20-23h: Public Input
Weekend 11h-16h: Bustours and Special Events

For details see the ready2capture-programme.



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