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CV TetraPak

A group of cultural producers from different disciplines (fine art, philosophy, cultural science, design, political practice).
Founded in summer 1999 in Hamburg. The members are Armin Chodzinski (AchoD), Anke Haarmann (AhA), Jelka Plate,
Johannes Rieck, Ulf Treger (UlfT), Malte Willms (MalteWillms). Topics are partizipatory practice and social intervention.

Selection of discussed projects

• >Self/ Images. Project II. Fitness< (Wolfsburg) of Anke Haarmann (AhA) [AHA-Projekte] • >Die Mission< (Hamburg) with
MalteWillms and Jelka Plate [Die Mission] • >Cultural Producers< (Werkleitz) of MalteWillms/ Jelka Plate [1] [2]
• >futur perfekt< (Bremen) with Ulf Treger (UlfT) [futur perfekt] • >Park Fiction< (Hamburg) with Christoph Schńfer [Park Fiction]

Selection of discussed texts

• Michel De Certeau, “ThePracticeOfEverydayLife” • Henry LefŔbvre, “DieRevolutionderStńdte?” • Parc Fiction, “St. Pauli Elbpark:
0-100%”• Pierre Bourdieu, “Sozialer Raum und >Klassen<” (LešonsurlaLešon?)• Jochen Becker, “In the labyrinth of city centers.
25 years art in public space, in: Zur Sache: Kunst am Bau [text in german] • Christian Kravagna, “Models of participatory practice”,
in: DieKunstdesÍffentlichen?

Since 2001 main topic: >ReadyToCapture! HafenCity, an urban space?<

• Research for the project • Reading and discussion of theory of urbanism • Cross-linking with other groups, which deal with the
HafenCity, urban development, urbanism and public space • Development of artistic work related to the topic • Production of
an archive • Planning of an office for the archive, discussion, exhibition... (Information-Center)


# See TextProduktion for articles about the HafenCity and other harbour-restructuring projects.
Published in the magazine "analyse + kritik", may 2002.

# See "tetrapak plus eins" - some articles (in german) of TetraPak members: http://tetrapak.dekoder.de

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