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Art and culture play a very important role in the concept of the HafenCity as an image product. TetraPak was discussing continously if our project ReadyToCapture would - as we know by experience and the gentrification debate of the last years - be integrated in the process of image-production easily or if there were any chances to comment and analyze the development of the HafenCity and it´s politics - and, by doing so, opening up the space for alternatives.

The discussion about a [sculpture by Jeff Koons] for the central square "Spielbudenplatz" in Hamburg-St.Pauli shows the ideological rollback in the idea of public art in Hamburg. It marks the function art has within the now dominating debate about the whole City of Hamburg as an international brand.

# Culturual projects and art in the Hafencity CulturalGentrificationHafenCity | # Sociological definition of [Gentrification]
# Gentrification-effects on the neighbouring district SüdlicheNeustadt? | # Bibliography Gentrification [Armut und Reichtum in der Großstadt]
# Trying to reanimate the [City Nord], a big urban development project in Hamburg by cultural gentrification [Die Kunst geht in die City Nord]

>Engpass< (Kehrwiederspitze) von Roman Signer. Aussendient - Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum

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