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Hello people! How are you there? Rembember all you. Could I ask you to find out about two my t-shirts which stayed in Hamburg on the Deponi exhibition, there are no contact e-mails to that project on the artgenda web site, I really have no idea how to contact them. Hope you will save my map and photographs it would be bad to lose them. I'd like also to have your own e-mail addresses for direct contact (of Jelka, Ulf, Johanness). I'm fine, now discuss participation in the exhib in Malmo, wheather in the St-Petersburg really good now and everything goes well. Hope you are ok too. Let us stay in contact, maybe we'll meet again and do smth good else. You all are always welcom to the St-Petersburg, I'll help you here in everything. Best wishes from Petersburg Igor

Hi Malte, here is the documentation of the project. There's some material which you haven't seen because I never had the time to develop it in Hamburg. I hope everything is fine with you and that you had some time this summer to just relax and tatke it easy. I've been working at home with renovation the appartment for the last two veeks. It's taken a lot of effort but finnaly everyhing (almost) is now in order, which wasent the case before. It would be interesting to see the documentation when it's finnished. Please say hello to all the others, I miss you and the time in Hamburg. Best Regards. Markus Degerman

Hello Anke, Thanks and thanks again, you have been so nice! I believe in yours dicisions. A co-operation between jelka, you and me then. Never the less thanks for helping me out!!! Yes, good suggestion to call it HafenCity stories, I had that in mind, too!!! I have found some spelling errors, and some lines where missing but you might already have correted them. If Jelka need them, we took some photos of of the interviewed persons at the HafenCity area but not of all of them, but it might be better not to show and leave it to the imagination for those how will join the bustrip.( I will mail them to you anyway! in another mail) Iīm and still very sad over the situation, that I had to leave before time and that I couldnīt really join your very good and interesting program. I would have liked very much to join the MentalMaps by Kathrin Wildner, mabye another time in another context whithout a baby, and me as a stressed mom. I donīt know if there will be an evaluation. I have more some comments about or to the whole argenda idea/ context. I think you and your project have been very cool and prepared. Hope you will get some interesting works/ideas from the other artists. Take care and lets stay in touch Tanja

Hello everybody in Tetrapak, Here I have been back in Aarhus for a couple of weeks recovering from artgenda. It was quite a change coming down but now I am able to reflect on the three weeks. Just want to tell you that I enjoyed taking part in your project. I think you had arranged a lot of interresting things going on in the evenings and on these trips around the area as well and I wish I would have had more time for participating in more of these things. Well that was Artgenda, too many things to choose from, too many things not to miss. I have had my mind off artgenda for a couple of weeks. Needed that. But now I am starting to think of how I can move on with the video about the harbour. Well, It was good working with you and it was nice to meet you all. Have fun and hopefully we will meet again. All the best from Sixten

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