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Olympic Games in Hamburg

Hamburg applied for the olympic games in 2012 - the southeast part of the HafenCity would have been the place for the olympic village. The olympic games were considered necessary to speed up the developmental process of the HafenCity. But in April 2002 Leipzig won the pre-elections of the german city-candidates.

Information on this wiki

"I am for it" or "I participate".

Citizens' "participation", Hamburg style by means of the official image-campaign: Writing your name on the wall of a shopping centre. What exactly the people signing express to support or what the olmypic games does mean for the city and it´s inhabitants is neither explained nor discussed.

Model for the olympic games 2012 in Hamburg in the Hafencity

Other texts (in german)

Sites of other cities, those apply for the Olympic Games in 2012

Germany (beware! all sites are doing brutal active-x/flash/popup attacks)


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