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EventLabs is a company commissioned by EuroLand to promote the "KaispeicherA as the prospective MediaCityPort".

Indeed the location KaispeicherA is an interesting place with a nice view and intense atmosphere. Before EventLabs were hired to promote the KaispeicherA it was possible to stroll along the quay, to fish or to meet with friends. Meanwhile the whole area is strongly regulated. EventLabs put up a fence with barbed wire, which is also the symbol of their club [rangavila] ("do not exhibit love"). To enter the comercial parties you have to pass doorguards showing your invitation. Apart from parties EventLabs organize product-presentations or exhibitions of contemporary art. Contracts to rent the KaispeicherA include the obligation that any publication or advertisement has to contain the sentence "KaispeicherA as the prospective MediaCityPort".

# Official webpage [eventlabs] | # Get an impression of the scene BarbecueParty | # Official promotion page for [Kaispeicher A]

The rangavila-club of eventlabs

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