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welcome to the tetrapak-wiki

A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which many people also view as an anarchistic publishing tool. The distinguishing feature of wikis is that they typically allow all users to edit any page, with full freedom to edit, change and delete the work of previous authors. The wiki is our tool for collecting ideas, discussions, thoughts and informations about the ReadyToCapture project and the HafenCity. We started the wiki in winter 2001. It's sort of an experiment to find out how the use of a HyperText tool can be useful for CollaborativeWork (update 2002-06-17). Every visitor can turn into a user and is invited to comment, change and extend all wiki-pages. Take a short look at WikiSnapshot, to get a rough visual impression of the structure the wiki is generating.

Visual impression of the tetrapak-wiki in the beginning

how to use the tetrapak-wiki

Start working with the tetrapak-wiki is simple. Read BasicRules and WikiTips to know how to create, link and edit pages. If you are interested in wikis as hypertext-systems in general se UseModWiki for further links. Untill now you can find pages in english, german and spanish. To translate words, expressions, texts and whole pages see LanguageIssues.

# First description of BasicRules | # Start working with WikiTips | # For further links UseModWiki | # To translate texts LanguageIssues # A graphical browser of this wiki TouchGraphWikiBrowser

Visual impression of the tetrapak-wiki after half a year. See TouchGraphWikiBrowser

the main-pages

Untill now these are the central pages of the tetrapk-wiki. Most of the generated pages are linked with them. Browse them to understand the structure and to overview the material already existing. If you start to work with the tetrapak-wiki, referring to the main pages might optimize orientation for all users.

# ReadyToCapture | # HafenCity | # ParticipantsCompilation | # ParticipantsProjects | # FinalProgramm | # TextProduktion
# AktuelleInformationen

urbanism input

ReadyToCapture and the tetrapak-wiki are dealing with HarbourRestructuringCities in general, the restructuring ("revitalization") of the freetrade harbour of Hamburg ("HafenCity") and it´s critique. In a broader sense it´s about urbanism, gentrification, privatisation of urban space and the public sphere, the representation and image-production of urban landscapes and the discussion about possible alternatives.

# What is a model, how does it function and what does it represent? Model Cities
# Theory and practice of the participatory budget. PortoAlegre Brasil
# OpenSource: Techniques and new strategies for the development of urban space. DiverCity IFAU
# The urban development project TübingerSüdstadt?. Participation
# Links and theory. TextCollection Urbanism
# Harbour restructuring projects worldwide. HarbourRestructuringCities
# Austrian magazine about urban studies. [Dérive] Magazine
# Concrete projects in Europe. UrbanDevelopmentAlternatives
# Appropriating non-defined urban space. [Platoon] Tactical Mobility
# Transcultural platform for new tendencies in Architecture, Design and Urbanism. [Urban Drift]
# New strategies for the development of urban residual areas. [Urban Catalyst] Temporary Use
# Production and use of built environment. [An Architektur] Magazine
# The virtual counterpart, as it were, to the existing European city. [ErsatzStadt] Substitute-City
# Only in a box of flats? [Bambule] See also:[Trailerparks in Germany] Bauwagenplätze
# Agency for territorial investigations and the transformation of the urban condition. [multiplicity] Milan
# Upcoming urbanism conference in Hamburg in June 2003 UnlikelyEncounters in Urban Space
# Gimme some water! [City Farmer Canada] and [City Farmers] a film by Meryl Joseph Community Gardens
# Not-for-profit initiative in the neighbourhood [Blackstone Bicycle Works] Chicago
# The city and the public sphere [Dresden Postplatz] Cultural Pratices
# Urbanism, Politics, Pop, Critics of Economy, Architecture etc. [pro qm] Bookstore

unsorted hyperwords

Hyperwords are good examples to understand how the tetrapak-wiki functions (>HyperText-system<). Below you can find a list of expressions, terms etc. we considered to be interesting in the context of ReadyToCapture and the tetrapak-wiki, but those are not necessarily linked with the topics of existing pages yet. Citing them on any furhter page will create a link immedeatly.

SkyScraper | MarketingWords | BueroContainer | MediaCity | GatedCommunities | SimCity | UrbanVisions | MixedReality | HyperArchitecture | BlindePassagiere | DualCity | MadeInBarcelona | EventCity | VirtualCity or DigitalCity | VirtualRiot | VoteNoWar

Some TechNotes about this wiki

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